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What's on your cranium??? / Re: HPB coupon week
« on: November 14, 2017, 11:14:41 AM »
Is Bethel Park putting out cards for the new releases rather than putting the vinyl out?   On the one hand, I like that because they can fit twice as much stuff.   OTOH, you have to ask for the record to see if it is a legit version or one of those EU grey market jobbers you mentioned.

As far as I'm aware everything is out in the BP store. Unlike Monroeville, BP puts the "expensive" records in an open box on the counter as opposed to the lock box Monroeville uses. Haven't been to the Monroeville store in about a year, but they definitely seemed to have more selection the last time I was there.

List your system / Re: Boys Toys
« on: November 14, 2017, 09:32:18 AM »
Love the jukeboxes, especially the wallboxes! Do you maintain or work on them yourself? I've got a '71 Wurlitzer Zodiac that I brought back from the dead and a '63 Wurlitzer 2700 that needs restored. The 2700 has to go, just don't have the time to work on it.

What's on your cranium??? / Re: HPB coupon week
« on: November 14, 2017, 09:03:03 AM »
The Bethel Park store hasn't had a great selection lately. Lots of EU crap pressings in great abundance. i settled on Led Zeppelin III deluxe, already have 3-4 copies but have been searching for a clean quiet copy. Also got a German reissue Doors Morrison Hotel. Of the two the Doors record wins by a mile.

General Discussion / Re: New Rack
« on: November 03, 2017, 05:53:40 PM »
Looks cool!  I am considering getting a Salamander Archetype 5 stand for my setup - looks like you built one yourself.   I am having a contractor pop by to give me a quote on removing the corner fireplace from my basement - never gets used and the brick wall is as acoustically ugly as can be,  want it gone.

If I took a hammer to the fireplace I believe my wife would take the hammer to me while I slept  >:D

The Salamander was my inspiration for this build. I really wanted to do a butcher block type shelf out of 2x4's cut, glued and planed down. maybe next time.

I did take all the components off and dragged it back into the garage for a for coats of poly, painted the rods and put some caps on the top nuts. I do not plan on adjusting the shelves so painting the threads wasn't an issue. For anyone who would like to build one of these on their own, McMaster sells black anodized rods in a variety of sizes: Anything bigger than what I made would likely benefit from a thicker rod, 5/8 or more. 1/2" worked for me. The local price for 5/8 rods, nuts, and washers was a good bit more. Anyhow, here's the final (for now) version.

I like the poster behind the great new rack!

The Mario poster? Those are signs they handed out at his last game along with my ticket stub, I remember scouring the stands for a 2nd sign so I could frame it all. I've been meaning to make a shadow box type frame with a jersey I no longer wear, signs and stub.

DIY / Re: Lascalla before & after
« on: November 03, 2017, 05:22:30 PM »
Very nice! Can you share what type of stain/finish you used?

General Discussion / Re: New Rack
« on: October 30, 2017, 09:02:38 PM »
Thanks everyone. I'm lucky enough that my wife tolerates all my decorating and gear down there.

Nice job on the rack!  I'm thinking about making another rack that is lower and wider like your's.

Hey, I recognize those Tektons. ;)  Nice room you have there.

All said n done the rack was about $65. Tons cheaper than buying something I'd likely have to mod to fit. The Tektons still amaze me overtime they get fired up.

Nice job.  At  two sheets of MDF, plus 1/4 " plywood, I imagine the shelves can hold a significant load with out sagging

I had it all together without the plywood and the bottom shelf was a bit warped, only about 1/8" on each end when I stacked them all up. Seems flat now. The entire width is 47". If I notice any more sagging I may need to add another threaded rod, I really didn't want one in the middle up front. Another option is to route a channel width wise and add a 1x2 vertically. I really, really, really don't want to take it apart again.

General Discussion / New Rack
« on: October 30, 2017, 12:26:42 PM »
Picked up another record bin and had to rearrange things yet again. The new bin takes the spot where I had a corner rack. I wanted to have two turntables set up, one for MM and one for MC. The old rack just wouldn't allow it. Decided to try out the flexi rack design. Used one sheet of MDF, 1/2" threaded rod and a sheet of 1/4" ply for veneer. Wasn't looking to build a masterpiece, just something solid to fill a need. I doubled up the MDF for each shelf, then glued the ply on top. The threaded rod is a bit of a pain when it comes to running the nuts when they stick, but it works and gets very solid. Yes it blocks the fireplace, no I don't care about the fireplace, it never gets used. The sub next to the rack is for the TV system, so it's not on when the TT's are running.

Welcome Wagon / Re: New member in Pittsburgh
« on: October 22, 2017, 08:48:49 PM »
Welcome. Always hear great things about Linn LP12's. Never saw one in the wild yet. Start a thread with the problems/issues you're having and maybe someone can help. If the table hasn't been used in a number of years it will definitely need the mechanics cleaned and regressed, old grease can bring great tables to their knees. Vince at Galaxy Electronics may be a resource to help out as well.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Oldiesbutgoodies!
« on: October 02, 2017, 08:23:14 PM »
Happy Birthday!

Looking for something special? / Re: Laptop battery packs...
« on: October 01, 2017, 12:25:31 PM »
George, I have a battery from a 9 yr old Mac laptop. It's swelling and causing the trackpad button to bind up. I was going to open it up to let it gas off. Prying the cover back isn't going well, so I'm just going to order a new battery. I'll set this on aside and get it over to you sometime if you want it.

List your system / Re: Bozak Colonials
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:22:13 PM »
I need to re-upload the pics from above.

We've had to rearrange the layout of the house to accommodate the new baby. The Bozaks no longer fit in the living room. I tried a couple different spots and they sounded horrible. Down to the basement they went. I put them in a tiny work area/desk area ON TOP of the desk, my back loves me. Likely result of too much coffee and then the baby passing out on me. Anyhow, that didn't work, but being up close to them I realized they are 8 shades of unbalanced. The mids were screaming, the lows pounding nicely and the highs missing or distant. I then put them into the other room with the tv/theater, which is more like a peep show booth compared to some of the theater setups here. At lower volumes they just sounded confused, crank it and they spring to life. Realized at that point that they mostly got played loud in the living room, . So back to researching them more. Since I had done the crossovers a bunch of new, different ideas have popped up about the crossovers. A few of the issues were exactly what I was experiencing. I'm going to break them open again and temporarily place the crossovers on top of the cabinets to try different things. I hoping where they sit right now is their final resting spot.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine found a pair of 302a Urban's. The cabinets are trashed, but inside they are unmolested and pretty clean. Those are also in my basement to get updated crossovers. I'm looking forward to some good A B tests. I'll try to get some pics up soon.

The Circular File / Re: Amusing CL Replies - Post Yours
« on: September 27, 2017, 07:28:42 AM »
Haven't had anything crazier than, "I can get it for less at" emails. If I reply I'll usually send them a permission slip to purchase it from the other place at a cheaper price.

A few years ago our hot tub shorted out due to a leak. It welded the lugs together on the board and I wasn't paying for another board. The tub was here when we bought the house and it was a pain. Knowing how many hot tubs get listed in the free section, I knew it would sit for weeks if not longer. Out came the sawzall and I chopped it into 1' pieces. Piled it all up, took pics and listed it. The ad easily got more responses than any other I've posted. Most were LOL responses. A few wanted me to call them ASAP. I replied to each that I couldn't get to the phone right away, but call me in a bit. I gave each of them one of the other numbers. I doubt they called each other, but it did amuse my mind for a few minutes thinking how that might have played out. Then it happened, a profanity filled 'you so dumb' email. The poor sap used an email address with his real name in it. Quick google search found the guy on a family owned construction company bio page, complete with email and general family info. I responded with "you think your wife, Denise, would be proud that you're trolling ads on craigslist?" and he went nuts wondering how I knew who he was. It went back and forth a couple times, then the ad got flagged and I quit.

Welcome Wagon / Re: New Guy from North of the Burgh
« on: September 19, 2017, 10:43:06 PM »
Hey Matt,  this is Sean, I bought the Tekton Lore's off you a month or so go. Loving them.

Some of the guys were wondering if you had any connection to the stereo shop up in Franklin.

The Circular File / Re: What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
« on: September 17, 2017, 08:15:08 PM »
I recorded the 12-5AM broadcast. They also shuffled the acts in the broadcast. Sometimes I can rip DVR recordings (or live TV) if the broadcast isn't locked. I can't recall the specific codes, but some broadcasts can only be played on a single device, others can be replayed via firewire. I'll need to check it out.

Hopefully the whole recording exists and makes it out.

Whitey Morgan and the 78s may worth a listen.

The Circular File / Re: What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
« on: September 17, 2017, 12:28:33 PM »
I don't go to shows at Starlake anymore, but this one was tempting. Instead, me and the baby watched some of the broadcast on AXS. We didn't get halfway through yet. So far, Texas Flood by Lukas Nelson and the Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds set were my favorites. Tim Reynolds is incredible at adding to Dave's solo playing. I was disappointed Lukas Nelson and Jamey Johnson got shorted on the broadcast. I know country isn't a favorite here, but Johnson's Lonesome Song LP is one of my favorites. Hope Cortez the Killer made the cut for TV. Only time I've seen Neil Young live was way back at the last Farm Aid at Starlake and his set back then blew me away.

Glad you had a good time STaL

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