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Looking for something special? / Re: Speakers
« on: March 26, 2018, 07:08:04 PM »
If your Mitsu's sound OK to you - that's all that really matters!

I like my big Jap kabukis; had 3 pairs, now down to one pair and some bookshelf Sansuis - they don't make them like that anymore, they're all small and black these days.

General Discussion / Re: Ebay / Craigslist scammers. List them here.
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:05:29 PM »
Well there is an eBay seller in Monroeville with a pair of speakers that are clearly missing their woofer surrounds in the pics and they are claiming "they are working great" - - would he/she qualify as just an effing dumbass,or a purposeful scammer preying on the uninformed?

Who knows how long he/she has been "testing" these without proper surrounds?

And he/she are not alone, many evilbayers out there like that in their ads, it's just that this jamoke is local - and may know of this forum or be known.

General Discussion / Re: Ebay / Craigslist scammers. List them here.
« on: February 13, 2018, 07:52:08 AM »
Too many to list here, but the hundreds of ebay sellers listing speakers that are clearly missing their foam surrounds in their pics as "excellent, works great, etc...".

Had no idea that drugs had been legalized across the USA.

Home Theater Audio / Re: Amazon Fire Stick and Plex for audio streaming
« on: January 25, 2018, 07:20:09 AM »
Figured that I'd attach the Firestick to the Onkyo as just another HDMI device but discovered that I cannot as the AVR has no USB port - the Firestick uses an attached USB cable to power it...

Otherwise, I could not see why it wouldn't work...

Home Theater Audio / Re: Amazon Fire Stick and Plex for audio streaming
« on: January 03, 2018, 08:00:00 AM »
Firestick will allow for Kodi and TubiTV to name a couple plus Youtube. Haven't tried connecting a Firestick into an HDMI port on my loaner Onkyo AVR. Would be a good experiment.

Home Audio Equipment in the Burgh / Re: speakers over-stock
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:56:46 PM »
Did you sell the AR3s you snagged off CL on evilBay - looks like the listing was ended?

Just an FYI but there was something on the radio about traffic re-routes and lane closures in that general area of Rt 65 - which I believe starts tomorrow, Friday.

Not a shill for KDKA AM, but drivetime traffic is every 15mins if you want to keep an ear open for updates, or go to Penn DOTs website(?).

Otherwise, would like to make a visit myself.

Meh, on second thought - the KLH 363s are keepers. The 32s are redundant.

Have a pair of KLH-32s with the tic-tac-toe woofers and cloth-covered tweeters. You can tell that some prior moron used one to close to a window as the top veneer is a bit gronky - but not horrible if kept oiled to subdue it. Grill cloths could use freshened too, but it has the KLH badges.

Have a pair of KLH-363s - big heavy 3-ways, solid  - and did I say heavy - skinned in vinyl and absolutely worth re-capping and real-wood veneering. They don't make them like this anymore, anywhere. One look and feel and you can see these Singer-era(?) KLHs still have the Henry Kloss DNA from the older KLHs - like the 32's. Grills intact with badges.

Both above sets have the classic KLH cloth woofer surrounds and have been treated with the "AR guy's" black goo as found on evilbay.

Not trying to make money - just break even. I would and plan on keeping both pairs, but willing to let either/both go as I only have room for so much.

If we don't do something in the spring/early summer, I would likely be able to participate in something late summer/fall.

Same here, was dead-broke and wife pissed over acquistions for last year's gathering, so a late summer/fall 2017 would help her to forget 2015...

Hello all,

Was gifted 3 now-old 5.1 AVRs, trying to determine which to keep and use as a daily driver, which to move to second line, which to use in garage.

I am hoping the collective wisdom here has experience with any/all and can suggest which to use. Thanks in advance for your help!

Note -
Yes I know there are better and now-affordable 5.X/7.X/X.X AVRs out there - but I hate to fill a landfill if all it takes is proper cabling to get value from these.  And Yes, I know - all old and with no phono support, but at least they do FM and all 3 can support the old TEAC CD player and dual-cassette drive I inherited as well.

First up, a Yamaha HTR-5930, supposedly 110W/Ch x 5 and can support an old XM Sat Radio I have that I could potentially use.
Downside to the Yammy is all speaker jacks are the old bare-wire spring-loaded type - and I spent time and energy converting speaker cables to RC jacks on the recevier end... Plus no remote.   Oh well.

Next; Sony STR-DE485, supposedly 80W/Ch x 5, looks to be able to support a variety of 5.1 adjustments; bit more to the right, bit more to the left rear, etc. Also has the dreaded spring terminals, but - it has a remote.

Lastly; the purty H/K AVR-130. Supposedly 40W/Ch x 5, looks to have some cool LFE-per-side soft-crossover settings that you can futtz with. It supports RCA speaker connections vs bare wire, and has a remote that would make a CHICOM space-shuttle pilot envious.

Had to miss this event  >:(
So how did it go?

Home Audio Equipment in the Burgh / Re: Legacy Audio Classics
« on: March 20, 2016, 11:19:55 PM »
"You can't get there from here."

You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.

I see.  I forgot you have to be a member of AudioKarma's Barter Town... I'll try to post

Yep. One of the few boards on the net where you have to pay to even read the classifieds. Do they ship for free or what?

Never saw the ad, but it's gone now.

Maybe I just got a sleeper...

I did snag some of the RoyC "magic surround liquid rubber" as I have an old pair of KLH-32s with the cloth surrounds, and figured I needed it.

KLH-32 is Norwegian for "please put the grill covers back on as it hurts my eyes". They sure made some ugly speakers back then, good but ugly.

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