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Garage sale finds.

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Post your garage sale gems here.  The season is just around the corner. :o :o

You already have a head start this year!

You would just buy them all.... :laugh:

Yeah this sounds like a dare or challenge for something you already found.  Were a rich FLA couple selling their illegal Russian maid that only knows the english phrase "sucky sucky"?  You would win.

We're gonna have some stuff to sell...Honestly I'd love to have an electronics garage sale right here!  We went through a lot of stuff last night (There is so much more to be gone through) as we were getting yet another Expedit for records placed.

If we were to do such a thing, would any of you be willing to offer a hand?  Anders is kinda on his own around here as far as lifting and moving stuff around.  Our first thought was to bring some stuff to the shop, but it's getting a little full there.


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