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Garage sale finds.

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How about a garage sale at the shop???????.  Anything anyone brings and does not sell, goes back home.  Seller must be present, no prior drop-offs, etc.

That's a good idea too...but again, hauling stuff out of here isn't so easy.  You haven't seen the amount of stuff lol.

My first sale of the season this past Saturday

Pink Floyd ~ Animals (Columbia JC34474?)
Jefferson Airplane ~ The Worst of Jefferson Airplane (Very cool looking)
Jeff Beck ~ Blow by Blow
English Beat ~ Wha'ppen?
Errol Garner ~ Concert By The Sea
Eric Clapton ~ Clapton At His Best (2 discs)
Grateful Dead ~ Aoxomoxa
Pretenders ~ Extended Play

To be played on my newish to me Sony PS-1100 TT.

I also got a kick ass tennis racquet along with the albums total $17

Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
I don't know anything about the tennis racket market but that sure sounds like a score.

The racquet new a couple of years ago was in the $100-$150 range new. It looks like it saw very little usage.


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