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River Current Cables Interconnect Review


Okay, so I am finally getting around to it.  Back in December, I was fortunate enough to be at the shop before the holidays.  Tom let me snag a couple of Reverend's interconnects on the grounds that I put them in my system and do a review.  It took me about a week after I got back to tear down my system and incorporate them into my set up, and have been using them since.

The first thing I have to say when I got my hands on them was, "WOW!"  The construction of these interconnects is awesome.  Very solidly built, with a three wire combination.  (I am assuming two wires dedicated to the positive side and one to the negative.)  Not sure of the guage of wire, but definitely very substaintial.  The are fairly flexible for their size, but i don't think you are going to be making any short radius bends without crimping one.   The three wires are insulated from end to end, and are twisted along the length of the run, then covered with a black sheathing.  Gold RCA's on each end.  Tom let me take two pair, one had a shorter post, which I tried on several components in my system, but it was too short for my older gear.  I imagine it would work on newer components with the shorter inputs, so they are due to go back to the shop (once I get my lazy ass off the chair and dig out a box to send them back in!! - BTW Tom, thanks for your patience!)

I had to decide where to put them into my system.  I wanted to put them where I would use them on a regular basis and insure that they would get burnt in quickly, if they weren't already.   I decided to re-arrange my rack and put them between my C-16 and TFM-55.  Once I  got them in place and turned on the system, I noticed an immediate difference.  The noise floor had dropped dramatically from my system.  Not sure if it was an impedence change or just better quality insulation.  I had been using a pair that I bought from a custom HTR showroom that made their own cables.  They were much better than the flimsy crap you get when you can get from the Rat Shack, and were made with decent RCAs and insulation, but they didn't hold a candle to the River Current Cables.  I was immediately able to turn the Input knob on my TFM all the way up, and hardly hear any back ground noise.  Prior to this, I was only able turn it up to about 3/4 of the way before it was unbearable. 

I have since played many, many hours through these cables and I have to say, I notice a sonic improvement in my system.  I am not going rave about the highs being higher and the lows being sub sonic.  That is not my style, and I have to admit, I probably don't hear well enough to make such statements.  I have listened to all my sources, LP's, CD's, Radio, CPU, etc, and I can say, it does sound different enought to notice, and I like what I hear. 

Kudo's to River Current Cables.  I will definitely be putting some money aside when I can to swith out cables, one set at a time if I have to, when I can.  Again, Reverend, great product, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 


Thank you Neil!  I appreciate your review and kind words.


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