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This is my current table and cart Tinpan:

Untitled by JSifontes, on Flickr

The Van de Hul Frog:

Untitled by JSifontes, on Flickr

The speed control and assorted record cleaning stuff  (and the restored Tascam 122mkii -> awesome):

Untitled by JSifontes, on Flickr

Nice table! Maybe one of these days I'll let you borrow the SDS.  ;)

Very nice, for whatever reason, vinyl has me really smitten right now. It could be the nice source just up the road that has a plethora of used vinyl for sale.

This is a small part of what he has out. He use to be a used book store but the used vinyl business took off so now he is refocusing on vinyl. He said he has to move again because he only has about 2 percent of his inventory out and needs a larger place.

The other turntable I've been noodling over is a Classic. It looks like the Aries is a step between a Classic and the upper models.

What has been nice is playing vinyl on my Sunfire set up. Albums that don't sound so well on my 300b set up sound very nice on my Sunfire, particularly  rock and roll. Right now the Technics is doing a good job filling that roll... but posts like this make me keep looking.

Awesome set up

wooaa just saw a Classic 3 for $30K.  That is crazy money.   I love the Aries. If you can find an Aries 1-3 used for $4000 or less, that would be a great buy in my opinion.  But they are tough to find at that price, especially with the SDS. Here's an Aries 3 avail in CAN:

The SDS add is worth it IMO,  it does make a slight but noticeable difference,  as Stephen is keen to point out.   I make do with the older VPI line conditioner - which does a fine job according to the stroboscope.  The SDS sells for $600-800 used.  The cartridge is another factor. I would have never bought a Van de Hul Frog new,  but now I will need to when this one wear out - it is addicting. 


OBG that Aries is fantastic!  Congrats on the stellar table!

What phono preamp are you currently using?


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