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I had an opportunity to stop at Northern Audio (on Babcock, near the old shop) and see their store remodel.  In the theater room was a new system, with the Dolby Atmos multi channel audio set up.  While the sound was very good, I was most impressed by the video display.  There is an edgelit 161" (that's almost 13 1/2 feet) screen displaying an image from a Sony 4k capable projector.  Considering I was sitting only about 8 feet from the screen surface, I expected a somewhat grainy or pixelized image.  Not a all the case; even the upconverted DVD images were impressive.  The experience very much reminded me of sitting close to the screen in a movie theater.  I had to turn my head occasionally to follow the action.  All in all, most impressive.

It's worth the visit to see what I believe has to be the state of the art in video displays.

Will definitely add this to my to-do  list. 

Some of my friends in California wasted their stock option money from Amgen buying a number of ridiculously large 4K TVs (like 80+ inches) and report very happy results.  So interested to see what blurays    look like upconverted to 4K.  Will go check out what Mark has in the revamped theater - wonder what Sony projector he is using.


Pepe-I didn't get a model number, but did see it and it is relatively large compared to more typical projectors I have seen.  If you go, let me know-I'd like to see it again.


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