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On Switching from FIOS to Comcast

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I just completed this change after about a decade with FIOS. 

A few notes that were not clear to me before the switch and would have helped me make the change faster,  in case you are considering doing so:

* The video quality is superior.  On the XFINITY HD boxes you can set the display to 1080p at 60 FPS.  If I would have known this, I would done the swap a long time ago.
* The  voice recognition works fine on the X1 box,  and the user interface for search in general is friendlier in all the boxes
* Internet speed (with the 'Blast' tier) is much faster than FIOS 75/75 on download (I am getting 108/12,  which is more than enough IMO - but could be affected if all my neighbors suddenly decide to go XFINITY)
* The boxes are tiny by comparison to the old Motorolas,  a plus.  No clock though - just a light
* To my ears,  sound quality is on par with Verizon
* I am saving $20/month compared to FIOS and getting The Weather Channel
So altogether a recommended move.


Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
Agreed with the caveat that I don't know if new FIOS customers are getting new boxes with more toys and better quality.   Once they've got you, they really don't give a ...

Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
BTW, mine does have a clock on the face.   Might you have it turned off in the settings?

Jim Pittsburgh:
Funny...  just the opposite experience at my house... I don't have "Blast" though; picture quality is worse, internet is slower and varies wildly, sound / dolby digital is definitely much worse and we all hate the interface ( we don't use voice) and reliability is not nearly as good... At the time I saved $50 / month by switching to Comcast. Would switch back in a minute if I could do so for the same price or even a few dollars premium... might just be the signal etc in our neighborhood, but everyone here feels pretty much the same way.

Tried to switch back just a few weeks ago and the closest I could get price wise was $42/ month premium since I wanted a multi room DVR and have 4 TVs... and require HD;  the NHL, NFL, BBC, History Channel, SYFi, PBS, GET or Decades, Oxygen (Artful Detective) and a few others in my house.. and I'd sincerely miss Bill Maher if I didn't have HBO!

Jim -

You may need to do some tweaking to the settings and to the config in your account to ensure you have everything right.

Note the following tips, in case you had not considered them:

* Make sure you have the X1 OS box,  if not request it.
* Go to device settings in the menu and select 1080P,  assuming your TV can handle it.  The improved picture is beyond questioning,  even my wife was drooling over the improvement and she rarely cares.
* Make sure you have audio set to "surround" in device settings
* Request blast internet - they can upgrade you remotely (they are just changing the 'cap' on your throughput in the modem,  I suspect)
* The wi-fi that Comcast provides is a poor excuse for a wi-fi hub. I ignore it and wire a second wi-fi hub in bridge mode to the Comcast (I use an old Apple Airport Express and it kicks the new Comcast in the nuts,  even though it is 4 years old - much better internet speeds).   You may want to try this before switching to a higher tier.
If any of the above is confusing,  I offer to help you next time I drop by. 

My 2 cents...



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