Author Topic: Ambiophonic dsp, effect box or amplifier hardware  (Read 1242 times)

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Ambiophonic dsp, effect box or amplifier hardware
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:26:59 AM »
been testing out ambiophonic and i must say, live concerts was mindblowing to listen to... been testing the free aria 3d sound that converts all sound through browser like 3d?? or virtual ambio... free version sucked big time and was made for portable pc speakers with 3" woofers and such.

been watching the miniambio effect box... rca in and out... but no hardware bypass button... just software through pc...

is there a hardware bypass button to change to ambiophonic to stereophonic with other "effect boxes", seen those amps who got this has a button to turn it off/on... but those are always expensive since its the golden ones from the 70s...   

bang & olufsen beomasters has both intergrated and external boxes, does this amp have this button to turn/change stereo/ambio ??

or am i totally on the wild track and miniambio effect box will bypass signals if not software is "turned on" in windows ???
seen many 2pcs miniambios for sale, and all say the same. the adjustments are very cumbersome and software`ish. like a vst for synthesizers.
manufacturer says in commercial/page that u will be addicted to turn sliders in software/pc.... that i hate/must avoid... need buttons/knobs for fingers and hardware ambiophonic turn on/off...