Author Topic: Audio Transformer 600ohm or ebay rca ground loops tranformers difference?  (Read 1231 times)

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doing some older amplifiers and the hissing from speakers and rca`s, identified the noise from rca from external usb card..
local store got the galvanised usb thingy for 40euros removing hiss from usb port... i really need that...

but also i had before these rca noise isolator. they worked very nice.. but i got several 1:1 600ohms audio transformers but looking on ebay so many different versions, 
in china they got these audio isolators for cheap, are these rubbish?, are there any recommended audio isolators?
not want to solder all these different looking transformers from older modems giving the frankenstein look.  when i can get a much nicer looking boxes for my system !!

any recommendations ??