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Jim Pittsburgh:
Been a rough couple of weeks and the topper was that my +10 year old Marantz SR6005 decided to give up the ghost, video wise. The darn HDMI output would no longer put out any video. So I ordered a new sr 8012  and four more speakers for front and rear height.... which will take it to a 11.2 system. I've hooked the unit up already and breaking it in, new speakers should be here by Thursday end of the day.  Can't wait! 

Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
Very cool.

One step back, two forward. Is it just the video that went out? If so, you can probably still get some use out of it.

Thought of you this morning as I was getting pushed into the MRI tube. This getting older stuff sucks at times.

Jim Pittsburgh:
dude, not fun is it?...  sure hope that it's not serious. Wouldn't wish what I have on anyone.

Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
Speedy recovery to you both.


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