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Cable cutting (antenna question: amplified blade type vs old style)

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Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
So my trusty Panasonic plasma had a bad corner and I didn't want to be bothered taking it for repair, especially in the current environment. So I bought a TCL 5 series 55" and did curbside pick up at Best Buy (that was a great experience at my store if anyone is considering it). I didn't buy it for the Roku or other features but after playing with it for a bit I really like what they have done. Just to check what it could do (since all of the connectors are on the side and easily accessible even wall mounted (why don't all makers do this?) I threw on a set of rabbit ears and let it find channels. One of the things that kept me from yanking the cable a long time ago was ease of use for my wife. I had no idea that the set would have a built in channel guide which is remarkably similar to the one on the cable box. So now I am basically ready to get rid of cable for good.

My biggest remaining obstacle is that even though I'm fairly close to the city I wasn't able to pick up my PBS affiliate and the ABC affiliate is glitchy. I'm hoping that something more than the rabbit ears will get me over the hump. I know that an outdoor antenna is best but there are several reasons I don't wish to go this route (fear of heights, lightning, exterior drilling).

For my setup I can either go with one of those amplified flat antennas placed on the center channel speaker, or I can use an attic/small outdoor type mounted to the ceiling of a nearby closet and run 16' of coax. Either method is WAF approved and will be relatively easy to get done. My question is which will perform better.

I'm a big Monoprice fan so I am going to link a few they sell and ask if any of you have experience with any of them or the similar branded version that I am sure is "out there somewhere".

This one is actually the one I am most strongly considering, but with a big "if". It is shown to be mounted vertically on a mast. If I were to put this in my closet I would have to rig it up horizontally. I'm not afraid of rigging, I can get pretty creative, but I am wondering if mounting it in this way will actually decrease it's performance. It seems to me that a wave is a wave, but I'm no expert.

The advantage with these two is that since they are UHF/VHF, I could use a splitter and run a lead to my receiver. This would be welcome, but if the UHF only one is going to perform better for the HDTV that is my first priority.

This sure looks like a rebadged $60 Terk and given Monoprice history I have no reason to believe it isn't. These seem to be by far the most popular option currently and there must be a reason for that, but it just seems to me that lots of tuned surface area should still trump electronic trickery.

Any input, especially direct experience, is most welcome.

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Sir Thrift-a-Lot:

Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
I wish that article addressed "old style" antennas.


What I didn't see referenced anywhere here is that the FM band rests between the old VHF channels six and seven, while today's digital spectrum uses the old UHF channels 14 on up. (the VHF spectrum was sold by the government).

To get  a proper signal to both your TV and receiver, you will want to buy a VHF/UHF capable antenna.

Years ago, before digital, many antenna rigs used a separate antenna for VHF and UHF stacked on a single pole, while others combined them on a single beam.  If you can, and are putting the antenna outside, consider a rotor to align the antenna for best reception for each channel.  A rotor is particularly useful for reception of fringe stations.  I used a rotor at my last house, in the North Hills and I could receive WMMS FM out of Cleveland and got a very listenable mono signal.

I use an old "rabbit ear" type antenna for a tv in my garage; the type with two extendable rods and a loop in the middle.  The loop tunes UHF and the rods tune VHF'

No matter what you decide to do, the elevation of the antenna, regardless of type, has the biggest impact on reception


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