Author Topic: Saying Hello...longtime vintage audio (since before it was vintage) fan here...  (Read 2499 times)

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Hi everyone,
I found this group in a Google search that involved trying to get information about the going rate for Carver 60" ribbon repairs. I had a spare set (purchased in the '90s-before Bohlender-Graebener stopped making them) that a magnet had shifted out of place on (I got it back in place, but something unwell happened on the connectivity front) over the years, when I pulled them out because I FINALLY started hearing some degradation in my Plat III Amazings.  I changed out the "problem" ribbon with the remaining "good" one and things are A-OK now, but I want to get this set refurbished so they'll be on standby for the future.  I'm a retired professional Musician/Trumpet teacher/Band and Orchestra Director and I've been a big fan of Sunfire/Carver/all things "Bob", Vintage and Elite era Pioneer, Marantz, and other great iconic audio from both past and present.  Thanks in advance and best regards to all...

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I don't know anything about those speakers (sorry) but welcome to the forum.

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Yes,  welcome to the forum.  Do you live in the area?   
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Welcome RTM.  I can't offer any suggestions about your speakers, but think there maybe a Carver fan or two on the Forum.
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