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Does anyone have a 12 volt (car) TV or screen I can borrow for this Sunday?  I am  attending a picnic in North Park & the weather does not look good!  :(  There is no electricity at the pavilion we are at...  Thinking of showing a movie might be a good option for the "rain day."  I don't have a portable dvd player, so I may need to buy one, I'll ask some of my other friends...  I guess a laptop computer would/could work too...  But 20 people around a 15" computer screen may NOT be the best, therefore the idea of a larger 12v TV or screen...

Open to other ideas/suggestions???  Thanks for reading & providing info...

Doing some research, I may go this route...  Get an inverter that converts 18v or 40v to 120v AC...  This way I can use a "regular" TV...

Jim Pittsburgh:
I have a very, very small portable tv that you can use.... let me double check it still works before we make plans, if you want to use it.

Jim Pittsburgh:
It's dead... I'll give it another go round tomorrow... but I don't think it's going to work.

Thanks for your efforts?.  😊


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