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WYEP Countdown to Fall


First, I don't listen to FM radio. Second, I rarely find any satisfaction in "countdowns". However, the results on this one are pretty cool.
1 - The Band, ?The Weight?
2 - John Lennon, ?Imagine?
3 - Bob Dylan, ?Tangled Up in Blue?
4 - Van Morrison, ?Into the Mystic?
5 - Queen, ?Bohemian Rhapsody?
6 - The Rolling Stones, ?Gimme Shelter?
7 - The Beatles, ?A Day in The Life?
8 - Marvin Gaye, ?What?s Going On?
9 - Bruce Springsteen, ?Thunder Road?
10 - Queen and David Bowie, ?Under Pressure?

Most of you probably don't know, my daughter's name is Annalee. And yes we stole the name from the song so this was a bit surprising.

The pg had a write up yesterday. It you hit the "paywall" on their site, use private or incognito mode and it should work.

Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
Imagine is the most over-rated song ever.   He has done literally dozens of better tracks.



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