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Why do you think this site never took off?

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I myself only log in when I am cleaning out links (mebbe Im part of the problem?)

Is it because everyone is over on the AK and spends all the time there or is the hobby really on final approach?

I mean I dont post as much on the AK but day-yam - it seems this is down to a couple posts a month.   The forum has the coolest name but is it too extra-local to pitt?

Im always checking out c/l and f/b market for 'undervalued assets' I can fix for the store (but to be honest I look at just as many cars as I do stereos) and see that everyone with a pulse buys at the local estate auctions, wipes it down and sells for more than what I would restored...Kinda kills the buzz when someone fronts up $300 for a blown stereo and then my bottom line estimate puts them into 'no way' territory.  they then dumpster it and head over to best buy for modern junk.

I myself am closing the record store end of Feb - its too hard to restock.  And really, I wanna get out of retail and just do customer repairs.  From what people are telling me, I might be perhaps the last one active in pitt besides semi retired vince?

Different world we live in now, I dunno if anyone has accounts at digikey or mouser but the product EoL notices are coming in by the dozens....If I am cynical, 'thru hole' has perhaps 5 years left.

Good point, QD.
Just look around for the trend with small local business - see that? It's the same.

I remember that were about 3-4 pages with new posts daily in hot sections at AK like "general discussion" and "dollar and" just 7 years ago. Check out AK now..
How many local audio swap meetings in Pittsburgh were for the last 5 years? 3!!
Pittsburgh antique radio collectors have a major meeting each quarter , BTW.

Sir Thrift-a-Lot:
I think it's my fault.

I started posting a lot and people hate me.

Are we assuming there is no interest in what we are doing, learning or seeing/hearing anymore and therefore not posting anything?  I suspect at least some of us are still swapping and or repairing vintage stuff.  STaHL used to post what he was listening to, which I enjoyed.  A few years back, when there was more activity than now, there were more active members.  I used to post cool or high value gear I found on other sites, but it seems there is very little of that anymore, or the prices have become outrageous.

The Stereo Stereo get together earlier this fall was fun and somewhat reminiscent of the old swap meets, without the gear.  Maybe we could continue meeting/touching base that way at other shops in the area (Northern Audio, Butches, etc)?

I would be happy to host a get together at my house, but indoor space is somewhat limited and it's not a good time of year to be outside.

Lots of factors typically affect web site traffic.   I am sure there are a lot of studies that show a predictable rise and fall.  Besides the pandemic factor, which put a damper on meetings/swap meets, Tom's closing his store eliminated a public gathering space.   And life gets in the way of some of these hobbies.  We bought a cabin up near route 80 last year and have been spending a lot of time and energy clearing the property (less than an acre but its still work).  As far as estate sales, I've been to five or six all year.  Too much work for the return.. I don't get into the Pgh area as much since my mom passed last year so haven't even been able to act on MacGeeks invite for a listening session (maybe in January...depending on the weather).   Several members moved out of the area and several members just moved on.   


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