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Why do you think this site never took off?

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thats me....Im still selling out of fryburg until all my stuff on hand is gone then its just customer repairs only....

I don't think anyone wants to or has time to work on vintage stuff anymore. I still love it but don't have time for much anymore. I mostly work on my own stuff now but I will help where I can. My system just had some changes. I finally put some upgrades in my Linn LP12 so I'm using that turntable now as my best sounding table (Dual 731Q) is having bass feedback issues which my wife can't stand. Also I changed my preamp from my modified Audio Research SP6 to a mostly stock SP6B.

Seems forums aren't where it's at anymore. Most things these days are reviews on YouTube.

As to why this site never took off? I would say part of it's folks migrating to AK. I used to be a frequent visitor on Audio Asylum. Life happened and I stopped posting there. I rarely hear anything about that site now. Lately my posting on AK has dwindled. I'll answer the odd "What speaker is this?" question if I can. Maybe a post somewhere else but not much lately.

I had known there was a sort of group years ago. I remember yinz used to have postings on Craigslist I think. I always wanted to go but I was always working.

I found this site when I bought a pair of KEF from Tom near Gibsonia. He told me
about it and I joined. I thought his place was the coolesr. Will always remember those Snell and how incredible they sounded.

I'm still into audio as we all are.

What ever happened to Tom?  I know he had plans on opening a new shop in his new house and then had some health issues. 

Tom moved out of the Pgh area and now lives in the deep south. I was an active regular here on VHIFI but found it was getting too argumentative and lost focus on objectivity. Now I spent a lot of time on the Audio Science Review forum. It is quite active.

BTW. We also moved and now live out west in Colorado.


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