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Why do you think this site never took off?

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cabin by 80?  you might be near my place that I moved from to pitt, but kept - in cook forest.  The store, where MOST of my customers are from pitt, is in fryburg!

Yes,  I remember you were from up north.  Our cabin is about three miles outside of Emlenton so not far from Frybrg.  We'll have to meet sometime..

The best days this forum had was when we were listing gear for sale and posting pictures of our setups.  Both usually start conversations.

Been a member who checks in every once in a while. Anyone (good) around Pgh who could do a restore of a Sherwood S-8900a?

I have met this guy and enjoyed our conversation.  Didn't buy anything and have not used him for service, but he seemed competent.  Might be worth a shot


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