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Sansui AU-G99x - Mini Review


Borrowed this to test fromTom's.  Beautiful integrated amp from the mid-to-late 80s,  with the unique Sansui look. Just looking at it while the amber-colored power column-chart meters dance up and down is soothing, and button selection indicators that light up in green look cool against the black faceplate.

In summary -hooked up to the Polk Monitor 5s:  This amp has loads of juice in the 160 wpc claimed.  It seems to beg for power hungry  vintage speakers. I had to watch it - it sent serious current to the drivers in my Polks. The sound is clean if a bit forward in the mid-range and treble.  Would match well with speakers that have tame mids and highs.  The tone controls in this unit are particulerly effective - the bass/mid/treble turnover frequencies are at 50Hz, 1khz and 10Khz; just right,  I found the bass and mid pots very useful.

The phono preamp is outstanding (at least on the MM side,  which is what I had to test with), specially in combination with the -3db bass filter at 16Hz to keep things under control. Vey clean noise free.

The sound is definitely not on the tubey side:  the transistors make their presence know -  so if you are looking for warm tube sound look elsewhere.  For hard rock listening this setup works great.  

Very nice amp overall.



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