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Re: Bozak Colonials
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2017, 07:22:13 PM »
I need to re-upload the pics from above.

We've had to rearrange the layout of the house to accommodate the new baby. The Bozaks no longer fit in the living room. I tried a couple different spots and they sounded horrible. Down to the basement they went. I put them in a tiny work area/desk area ON TOP of the desk, my back loves me. Likely result of too much coffee and then the baby passing out on me. Anyhow, that didn't work, but being up close to them I realized they are 8 shades of unbalanced. The mids were screaming, the lows pounding nicely and the highs missing or distant. I then put them into the other room with the tv/theater, which is more like a peep show booth compared to some of the theater setups here. At lower volumes they just sounded confused, crank it and they spring to life. Realized at that point that they mostly got played loud in the living room, . So back to researching them more. Since I had done the crossovers a bunch of new, different ideas have popped up about the crossovers. A few of the issues were exactly what I was experiencing. I'm going to break them open again and temporarily place the crossovers on top of the cabinets to try different things. I hoping where they sit right now is their final resting spot.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine found a pair of 302a Urban's. The cabinets are trashed, but inside they are unmolested and pretty clean. Those are also in my basement to get updated crossovers. I'm looking forward to some good A B tests. I'll try to get some pics up soon.